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***Do you know of a Lincoln family in need or have a local non-profit that you would like to support?

Try one of our fertilizer programs this year and 100% of your program payment could go to a Lincoln family or non-profit of your choice. Go to the "Request FREE quote" tab, put in your contact information, and tell us about a family or non-profit that you would like to support and why.

We will take submissions through April 20, 2024 and announce the winner shortly after. If yours is selected, 100% of your program payment will go directly to that family or non-profit, and we will take care of your lawn in 2024 at no additional charge! If your submission is not selected, you are not obligated to sign up for a program this season, but please consider resubmitting in the future as we hope to work together, with you, to help support our community.

Love your lawn AND your neighbor!

Click on the 'Request FREE quote' tab at the top of the page and receive an estimate within 24 hours!

As owner, I take pride in providing great service. I'm personally involved in every lawn treatment. I hope to have the chance to earn your business for many years to come.

  - Andrew Newton

Licensed Lawncare provider since 2008

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